It is a period of reflection and relates to aesthetics, taking place before considering the restraints of production. Intw Danielle Guizio
Fashion in Milan will return to be a mix of sophistication and culture, eccentricity and knowledge – the mere name Aspesi is enough to evoke an era in which Leonardo Mondadori published the cartoons of Forattini, when writers mixed with journalists, and with some socialist singer-songwriters. Ilaria Occhini and Raffaele Di Capria are still lovely together. Silence is one of Alberto Aspesi’s watchwords. Literature and industry in the areas of Gallarate, the textile industry, Rossana Orlandi and the Missonis.
Using condoms is freedom, not compulsion, there should be no limit to sexual experimentation – no rules in love, but condoms
Anyone who, with violence, threats or through abuse of authority, forces another person to perform or submit to sexual acts shall be punished by five to ten years’ imprisonment
Inlays and buildings, damasks and plots. Some exponents of a ‘Fun Arstocracy’ – talents undeclared from titles
Platone and a piano – a bright and visual mass has subjected to the same methamorphosis of an actor on stage, beauty possesses a cruel, more than dramatic aspect
Biology is the less than what makes someone a mother. There is no phase of my life – up until her death a few years ago – in which I do not remember her being by my side.
Those who are afraid of the skirt – still today, films in which the objective ‘feminine’ or some of it derivatives are handled to a male to make them lost every dignity
Through a popular referendum, Ireland said Yes to egalitarian wedding – on June 26th the US Supreme Court extended the right to marry to everyone across the entire nation
Theatre doesn’t leave leftovers, it is full contact between the spectator and the show – you can’t bring it home to then resell at Christie’s, or on eBay, according to expectations